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Slanted Magazine No.14
Grotesque 2 : Summer 2011
Published by MAGMA Brand Design

I recently received a nice package from Slanted in the post. Slanted is a super fresh design and typography publication published by MAGMA Brand Design out of Germany. The current issue focuses on grotesque typefaces and features their implementation and history.

Of special note is a razor sharp photographic essay on immigration in Spain as a transit point into Europe by Miguel Hahn and Jan-Christoph Hartung, a type essay featuring book covers designed using grotesque type by Robert Schumann, and an article on Japanese graphic designer Kiyoshi Awazu by the homie Ian Lynam.

A selection of pages from the current issue is viewable online here.


That's really cool....

Posted by ADIKTSHUN at Tuesday, August 09, 2011 12:08:12

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