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Earlier this year, Tokyo-based type foundry Wordshape published my typeface Cinta Adhesiva. I designed the font using tons of adhesive tape, hence the name. I've been incorporating it into much of my recent work, so I thought I'd share a bit about its background.

An early version of Cinta Adhesiva appeared on the cover of a few issues of a graffiti zine I put out called Free Copy. It was then developed further for another zine I made in collaboration with Moab called Text. (I'll be posting downloadable copies of some of the early issues soon.)

Cinta Adhesiva was inspired in part by signage I'd been documenting over the years that incorporated stencils clearly formed by adhesive tape and/or featured letters drawn by using the tape itself.

I also looked to hand-painted letters and numerals for inspiration, particularly those executed with broad brushes and paint rollers.

The random traces of tape left behind on many city surfaces helped me work out the font's punctuation marks and special characters.

Of special note is the large-scale lettering of graffiti writers Hael and Crae. Their work directly informed the weight of Cinta Adhesiva and the decision to shape the letters using wide tape.

I am currently working on a type specimen/zine featuring Cinta Adhesiva. I'll post it here when it's done. In the meantime, you can peep more info on Wordshape and MyFonts. Over and out.


ti iight.

Posted by being human le at Tuesday, June 21, 2011 22:27:51

just saw the camilo cameo...good stuff!!!

Posted by luna at Thursday, June 23, 2011 20:41:19

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