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Over the last few weekends I contributed a bit to this enormous wall in honor of Tempt One. Many writers came through and participated in rocking this production including NY legend Mare 139 and Bay Area OGs Vogue and Estria.

The Los Angeles contingent consisted of originators, heavy-hitters, and friends and supporters of Tempt. Partial roll-call (and please let me know if I'm missing anyone): Defer, Prime, Slick, Angst, Panic, Key, Mural, Hash, Nuke, Pryer, Fear, This, Petal, Akua, Green, Dream, Kofie, Mandoe, Zuco, Tetris, Gabe88, Brief, Heaven, Roc, Thanks, Kel, and Eyeone.

Larger image of the entire wall here.


WOW. Nice tribute!

Posted by Jason at Tuesday, May 03, 2011 10:03:00