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This is the archive for January 2012

Para el Japón (Detail) | 8" x 8"

We Heard The Fireworks | 8" x 8"

Sunbathing | 8" x 8"

Three Stars | 8" x 8"

At this point, the plan for the Dirty Dozen incorporated a 13th piece for a Japan disaster relief fundraiser. You know, good luck and all...

Stealth Typography Network

Work began on a collaborative piece designed by Tempt for the Art in the Streets show at MOCA. Due to gallerist politicking and maneuvering, the piece was not included, although the pamphlet for the exhibit clearly marked a space at the museum for it. This led to much confusion, but the piece was eventually unveiled at the Street Cred exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. I'll post more about this soon.

Stop | 8" x 8"

I did this piece for a Frank 151 / Minneapolis Fashion Week fundraiser for the Minneapolis Home for Children. Big shout out to C-Rocka for inviting me to contribute!

LeHumanBeing Pop-Ups

I featured some amazing work by LeHumanBeing with the participation of a group of pre-schoolers involving paper craft animals. Super rad!

• Peep the set here.

Street Team Ninjas

I pitched in on this humongous wall tribute to Tempt. A ton of people painted this wall in Dowtown Los Angeles, donated by the UTI crew, united in their respect for and solidarity with one of L.A.'s dopest graffiti masters. It was an amazing show of force and unity. The wall is still rockin', by the way.

• Check out flicks of the entire mural here.

Cache x Eyeone x La Mano Gráfica

and I collaborated on a print for La Mano Gráfica, a really sick old school printer in East L.A. (peep flicks of their shop here.) For some reason the prints sorta got stuck in the "Coming Soon" stage, but I rather liked the collab nonetheless.


Sobriety Check-Point

I did this piece with some help from Midzt, Gorgs, Tanner, and Owen -and plenty of beer- for Street Brewed, a contentious exhibition at Angel City Brewery. The homie Tanner's piece and mine are still there!

• Nice Flickr set of the whole thang here.


...and that's that for April 2011. Stay tuned for more recaps. You can peep part 1 of my 2011 year-in-review here.


(Photo by EricBMW)

Sunset & Coronado Redux

Cache and I (along with a surprise guest!) started off 2011 tackling a huge wall on Sunset in that gray area between Echo Park and Silverlake. It became an entire community affair, as people donated buff paint, kids came through to do some landscaping/landslide clearing, and even my nephew helped prep the wall. Good way to begin last year!

• Peep the whole thing here.

Dash 2000

A good friend and super talented artist Dash 2000 passed away in the early days of 2011. His crew and friends got together to celebrate his art and memory.

• Images from the Dash 2000 tribute here.


Continuing the Tour de Cache, we once again linked up to paint another long stretch of Sunset Blvd. with the homie Skypage and another surprise guest. The mural is a shout-out to cycling in L.A. It was also supposed to coincide with the 2011 CicLAvia route, but for some reason did not.

• Flicks of the entire thang here.

All Day | 28" x 40"


1000 Ideas For Graffiti & Street Art

I had some work in the book 1000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art published at the beginning of 2011. The book is a neat survey of graffiti activity throughout the world (with a big focus on Europe,) and I was stoked to be included.

• For a full review and preview of the book, go here.

Every Day | 28" x 40"


Los Tres

I made a limited run of this print for Hold Up Art's one year anniversary show. It features three of my Zapatista characters doin' various things including protesting, spray-painting, and rockin' out. Word up!

• Peep more details here.


This wall was formed liked Voltron thanks to the homie Ian and the Bagavagabonds hooking it up with the Dietch Arts Co-Op in Downtown L.A. It was a fun collab with Bonks, Cache, Kozem, Gorgs, and Eye. Good times!

• More photos here.


Cinta Adhesiva

Tokyo-based type foundry Wordshape released my first typeface Cinta Adhesiva in 2011. The font is based on the masthead for my zine Free Copy and was drawn using lots of black tape.

• For the full story click here.

This is Temporary | 8" x 8"

Do Not Consider Yourself Free | 8" x 8"

Souvenir | 8" x 8"

Esta luz (nunca se apagará ) | 8" x 8"

Dirty Dozen

I decided to ease away from relying on bird imagery in my work, but I wanted to complete a final dozen pieces featuring our winged co-inhabitants. The above 4 are the first third.


...and that concludes the trip down memory lane for January/February/March of 2011. Stay tuned for further reminiscing.