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Dub 7
GavelGroove 7"
Core4 Records

I'm not gonna front. Although I vaguely remember hearing about Dub 7 waaaay back, I picked this up for the awesome photo on the cover. The sound is kinda reminiscent of the Fun Boys Three variety of post-punky / ska-funky new wave-ish grooves. Orale!

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Belong 7"
Slumberland Records

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
won me over the first time I saw them play live. Hearing their records always makes me feel like they are playing the songs my favorite bands should have written. Their latest album and all related singles feature some nice paintings by Winston Chmielinski which complement their music quite well. Cheers!

The Prince 7" (Madness B-side)
2 Tone Records

The Beat
Mirror in the Bathroom 7"
Go-Feet Records

The second wave / two tone / ska revival bands used some dope graphics on their records. I always dug their stripped down color palette and sharp iconography, as that aesthetic carried through to all aspects of their music and scene.

kept it strictly black and white on The Prince 7" with use of the second wave fave checkerboard motif and the classic 2 Tone Walt Jabsco logo designed by Jerry Dammer (based on a photo of Peter Tosh.)

The Beat rocked the magenta on this Mirror in the Bathroom sleeve, keeping it two tone AND referencing new wave at the same time. (Sorta like their sound...) They also one-upped Walt with the iconic The Beat Girl designed by Hunt Emerson.

Math and Physics Club
Jimmy Had A Polaroid 7"
Matinée Recordings 075

Math and Physics Club is one of those bands whose music sounds the way their records look: melancholic, sometimes blue, but always with a bit of mischief. I saw them play this song last summer at Dolores Park in San Francisco and their drummer kept the beat on his guitar case. Mad twee!

Carry Nation
Face The Nation 1985-1989 EP

I first saw Carry Nation in 1989 at the now-defunct Country Club in Reseda. Their guitarist Gavin Oglesby (previously of Southern California straight edge hardcore legends No For An Answer) is one of my graphic design heroes. His early black and white work really inspired me to get more serious about my own practice. There's a good overview of his stuff over at Silence Lies. Go!

The Field Mice
If You Need Someone 7"
Sarah Records 24

I'm starting a new, slightly OCD'd project with this post: cataloging my record collection. Apologies in advance... (On the real though, checking out records as a kid with my Dad was one of the things that lured me into graphic design, clichéd as that may sound. Peep game.)