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My Dad and my nephew helped out on this rad installation by LeHumanBeing for my exhibition A Certain Evening Light. Unity is strength!

Collaborative installation at my A Certain Evening Light exhibition with LeHumanBeing, YetiSpaghetti, Cache, and Ser YR. Recordando Acteal commemorates the 45 men, women, and children fallen at the hands of a paramilitary group and the complicit Mexican government 15 years ago. Read more about what happened here.

The Zapatista movement began 29 years ago in Chiapas, Mexico. There is a conference / podcast taking place today in San Cristobal, Chiapas to mark the 29th anniversary of the founding of EZLN. The event will discuss the movement's significance, its global impact, and many aspects of its almost 30-year history. Podcast info below:

• Direct link here. (Link goes live at 4 PM PST.)