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I wonder if any of L.A.'s trendy foodtrucks have this level of endorsement? Sayin'...

CicLAvia '11 from Swank One on Vimeo.

CICLAVIA 2011 from MODEM on Vimeo.

In case you missed CicLAvia 2011, you can peep these vids by Swank and Modem to get a good idea of what it was like. L.A. street minus cars equals a big win for all!

This video/song is so many shades of wrong (besides ripping off Blur,) I debated even posting about it. Graffiti is really now just a fashion accesory. First, modelette Patty Hearst thinks she's down with the sickness; and now, Miss Thang Lindsay Lohan picks up a spraycan... I guess the "art scene" really is poppin'. Terrible.

(And if watching the whole video ain't enough for you, there's a 'making of' showing us how Lindsay gets down with the street art here.)

Here's another truck for "foodies" to chase around featuring Cantinflas. (Not sure if they have a tuiter though, so might haveta actually explore the city to find it...)

Looks like these public service announcements didn't work too well...

HUGE production goin' up in honor of big Tempto. (Flick lifted from Slick's blog.)

What do trendy food truck chasers know 'bout Mariscos Los Lechuga's...?

Part of a new wall we just wrapped up with lettering by Skypager. More flicks soon!