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This is the archive for August 2011

These are some pages from the fifth issue of my zine Lost, published circa 2001. It was distributed at opening of my thesis exhibition back at school. It featured a memory-lapsed account of my early exposures to graffiti, a tribute to the MAK Crew, and some dope street photography by Acme SH/LOD. It's been long out of print, but here are a couple of ways to check out the entire issue:

• You can save some trees and view the whole issue online here.

• Or make your own bootleg copy by downloading the large print-ready PDF here.
(Print pages in order, back-to-back. When done, staple down the middle and fold in half. Or fold in half and staple down the middle.)

Other issues available for viewing/download:

• Issue 0001 available here.
• Issue 0002 available here.
• Issue 0003 available here.
• Issue 0004 available here.