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Big up to The Hundreds for their coverage of the Getty Blackbook project I helped curate. Peep their write-up here.

Got some ups in the latest graffiti book by Cristian Campos from Promopress. Peep more info here. (Thanks PAZ for the flicks!)

My stunt-double was fighting off a fiendish flu when he did this interview but still managed to jibber jabber his way through it somehow...

There's a cool re-cap of A Certain Evening Light over on LA TACO.

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There's a neat write up on A Certain Evening Light exhibit over on Cartwheel.

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My interview over on BombingScience is now live. Peep it here.

(I received a nice write-up regarding my piece currently on view at spaceLUNA. I'm posting the entire thang below.)
Intro(spect) on Something Must Break
by Jino De Castro

Life has a rhythm. An ebb and flow. Inhalation and exhalation. Birth. Death. On Friday, June 1, 2012, EYEONE debuted Something Must Break (pictured above), an installation composed of branch fragments, spray paint, staples, and a rusted spray can housing a once living plant. 

A contextual understanding of EYEONE's artistic canon deepens the viewer's appreciation for Something Must Break. "His work is rooted in graffiti, printmaking, photography, and punk rock. Often focusing on isolated objects and individuals, his art reflects on themes of alienation, survival, melancholy, resistance, and the myriad experiences encountered while navigating the chaos of contemporary urban environments."

EYEONE is more known for his graff work. Stroll down Sunset or Beverly Boulevard, or visit Orange 20 off of Melrose, and sure enough you've been exposed to his signature Zapatista character. His current submission to our gallery offers another perspective on his skill, playfulness, and experience as an artist.

Something Must Break transforms medium into subject, explores the intricacies of decay and deterioration, and is just out right different from what EYEONE is typically known for. Ultimately, he is challenging the audience to accept that all things live and that all things die. That even death possesses grace, integrity and beauty; and that it is something to not be feared, but appreciated.

But hey, that's just me. I invite you to come and formulate your own interpretation...

2404 Wilshire Blvd #1B
LA, CA 90057

Gallery Hours: Friday & Saturday 2-7p

Above: Photo by Jon Devich

Cache and I got a bit of a nod in Cycling News' coverage of the Tour of California bike race. Nice shot above from the final stage! Peep the rest here.


My stunt double has an interview over on L.A. Taco. And then... No and then!!!

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Oh geex, now Cache and Eyeone are up on Complex. (I ain't gonna front, the first time I went to N.Y., the first thing I did was nab me an Ecko jacket...)

Peep Complex's take on Occupy Wall Street-related graffiti here.

Cache and Eyeone (that's me!) got a brief shout-out over on The Huffington Post in an article about Los Angeles and mural policy.

Read the whole article here.

MONOKROME: World-class Graffiti Design in Black and White
Compiled by Robert "Cute" Whitelock | Designed by Aaron Munday

I received my copy of MONOKROME in the post yesterday and have been reading it cover to cover since. The book more that delivers on its title, presenting graff-related illustration, graphic design, 3D modeling, and lettering. One of the things that sets this book apart from most on the subject is the insightful and thorough editorial content: each person's work is accompanied by text describing their background, influences, and approach. The design of the book itself is on point and really highlights the inherent qualities of working in black and white. I would definitely recommend adding this one to your collection. Artists included in this volume include NASH & DOES, REMI/ROUGH, HUSH, ASKER, ITCH, INKFETISH, KILLER GERBIL, DENZ, KOFIE, INKIE, BENONE, SYSTEM, and many more. [Like EYEONE -ed.]

From the book's website:
""MONOKROME brings together writers from all four corners of the globe with different styles, different views and different periods of time spent in graffiti. It creates an arena that is compelling for the veteran graffiti writer, the newcomer and the outsider alike... You'll see what you don't normally see; the work that happens before it gets to the wall, the work that builds upon what went before it, the work that bridges the gap between the old and the new. All in black and white..."

Purchasing info here.