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This is the archive for January 2011

This wall (painted over the last two weeks by Cache, Eyeone, Skypager, & Co.) is a shout out to CicLAvia, cycling in L.A., and the cycling paths we need more of in the world. (Yes, those letters by Skypage are all hand-painted.) The wall is located along Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake. Ride on!

A fairly large, hastily stitched flick of the whole wall is available here.

To bridge the last days of 2010 and the first few days of 2011, we decided to tackle a wall we'd previously painted that had suddenly become clear of debris and mud, doubling the surface area. Although a bit more may be added to this wall, I couldn't keep these flicks to myself any longer. I figured I'd post the mural as it looks today, and I'll post updates if any.

Bigger flick of the whole production here.
Flicks of the previous production on this wall here.