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Design for a silkscreen print that will be part of this year's ARTCRANK Interbike exhibition. It is based on this original piece.

* More info on ARTCRANK Interbike here.

Coming soon to an anti-war art show near you!

I had the honor of doing the graphics for DJ Prolifik Adiktshun's upcoming mixed CD titled Painted Vinyl. Word up!

(Photo by Patrick Martinez.)

Something neat awaits the attendees of this weekend's DIY-a-thon that is Unique L.A. (including a complimentary tote bag designed by this dude called Eyeone.) Info below.

Unique L.A.
May 7-8, 2011
11 a.m. - 6 p.m. | $10

California Market Center Penthouse
110 E. 9th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90079

Unique L.A. is the largest independent design show in the country. Attendees get the rare chance to meet and shop directly from over 300 hand-selected designers and artists.

Back in 2008, some of my stuff was published in Los Logos 4 by Gestalten, including early versions of what would become Cinta Adhesiva.

Wordshape (a boutique type foundry and online select shop based in Tokyo) just released my new font Cinta Adhesiva.

I designed the typeface using hundreds of pieces of tape. It was first seen on the cover of Free Copy (a graffiti zine I put out once in while) and then refined for another zine called Text that my homie Moab and I worked on.

I was particularly inspired by the huge block letters painted by L.A. graffiti writers Crae and Haeler and the tape-written signage on commercial vehicles I've been noticing rolling around town.

Para más información, go here.

Sometimes I dig my comps for work more than what finally gets approved. Above are three concepts that did not make the cut... Oops, oh well!

January 16, 1998
Cokni O' Dire & DJ Higher (Positive Rhythm Sound)
Resident DJs:
Marvski | Tomahawk

January 30, 1998
DJ Rob One | DJ Fingerprintz | DJ Marvski
(Featuring an appropriated flick of the legendary Mongo Santamaria.)

March 27, 1998
Cokni O' Dire & DJ Higher (Positive Rhythm Sound) | DJ Marvski
(That's a young Bob Marley gettin' down on the front of this flyer.)

July 3, 1998
Live performances by:
Jizzm | Missing Link | The World Domination Wreckin' Crew
DJ Rob One | DJ Marvski | DJ Adikt One
Aerosol art by:
Slick | Precise | Relic | Bash | Cre8 | Acme | Rob One | Merz | Kero | Gloze + more!
(I think this may have been cancelled and/or shut down by Babylon...)

I designed the above flyers in 1998 for Gloze 54 and his seminal L.A. hip-hop / soul / breaks / beat underground parties Fillet O' Soul. The parties would jump off at different spots throughout L.A. until finally settling down at the old Macondo spot. The area is now famously referred to as the Bicycle District or Hel-Mel.

I just completed the art/design for the limited-edition re-release of Strife's first seven inch (originally put out by New Age Records in 1992.) It will only be available at this year's Sound And Fury Festival. Go!

Peep the full story behing this release on Tradition's blog.

Here are a couple of new designs I done did for some upcoming Zoo kids' camps in my neck of the woods.

These are some shirts/logos I've done for my local Zoo's seasonal kids camps.