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This is the archive for August 2012

Les cans de l'Asylm...

(Photo courtesy of Cache.)

A Certain Evening Light
New Works by Eyeone
Hold Up Art / Los Angeles
Opening October 6, 2012

(Stay tuned...)

New slaps by Serk. (Thanks for the stickers homie!)

Panic Fundraiser
August 11, 2012
2 PM - 1 AM
$5 Donation

1537 Eperanza St.
Boyle Heights, CA 90023

Live painting, DJs, and much more! Word!

My interview over on BombingScience is now live. Peep it here.

The Kozem kicked me down with these rad drawings! Thanks loc!!!

Birffday letters by Swank with bubbler by Tanner Goldbeck. Thanks dawggies!