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This is the archive for July 2012

Mazinger Z crunking on an Olde English 8000 by SwankOne!

Super Hero Junior Machinder painting by my nephew. He rocked it!

Here is a sneak peek of an interview I did with James Matthew for BombingScience, coming soon:

"The following excerpts are from my upcoming interview with the Los Angeles based graffiti writer/graphic designer, Eyeone which will soon be posted on In this leak, EyeOne talks about how he got his start in graffiti and shares his view on whether or not writers should use their art to push political messages.

How were you introduced to the culture and what about was it about graffiti that caught your attention?

What made me actually grab a can was a series of things. Seeing an unfinished production by Mandoe and Neo MAK and a silver by Krenz aka Yem AM7 in my area got me motivated. Linking up with two kids from my neighbourhood - Gloze OTR and Modem SH - that were also into graffiti pushed me to get a can from my Grandma’s garage. (I asked for permission!) We went down to the L.A. River and painted our first piece.

In your opinion, should graffiti writers use their art for political means- to convey messages and ideas- or should they remain silent and allow the politicians to handle politics?

I think any attempt to pigeon-hole the role of graffiti writers would defeat the ultimate freedom graffiti represents. Some writers are happy glorifying criminality and material consumption; others profess love and hate; some make social statements; and still others just enjoy drawing letters and images. It’s all good in my opinion, and keeps graffiti as a pure free voice."

(Thanks James Matthew!)

So due to a flux capacitor error, my old Instagram account got wiped. The rules of the game indicate you can't recover an account once it has been permanently deleted. Hence, I had to start a new one. I am now Instagramming as eyeone_sh in case you were wondering...

My homie Adam sent me these vids and, of course, I LOL'd. (Most possibly because I haven't fully decompressed from the live shennanigans I participated in at this year's X GAMES.) Anyways, may the Force be with you, and always wear a helmet.

A few more examples of my Zapatista characters being repurposed... The graffiti piece and the embroidered pillow are tight. The fact someone is trying to slang t-shirts on Zazzle with a straight copy of my character is not. Go figure.

I designed and hand-painted some boards for Twonky and Borst Surfboards for the X Games 2012.

I designed and hand-painted this board for Twonky and Borst Surfboards for the X Games 2012.