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This is the archive for November 2011

I'm gonna be giving a brief talk at the Getty Center this weekend regarding my work and the role education has played in my career. The museum is hosting an exhibition of student work from 4 L.A.-area high schools as part of Pacific Standard Time and they asked me to speak at the reception. Info below:

Saturday, December 3, 2011
Reception: 4-5 PM
Program: 5-7 PM

Participating LAUSD Schools:

Humanitas Academy of Art & Technology
Dorsey High School
Chatsworth High School
East L.A. Performing Arts Academy

The Getty Center
Museum Lecture Hall and Lobby
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, California 90049

NOTE: RSVP to if you'd like to attend.

So diggin' around my desk(s), I sometimes find random scrap pieces of paper with half-finished sketches. Here are some from the past year that I hope to complete some day soon...

Asylm pointed me to this cache of old cameras. Thanks meng!

Fugazi - Smallpox Champion

Smallpox champion, U-S-of-A,
Give natives some blankets,
Warm like the grave.

This is the pattern, cut from the cloth,
This is the pattern, designed to take you right out.
This is the frontier, with winter's so cold,
Greed informs action where action makes bold.

To take all the cotton that's cut from the stalk,
Weave the disease that's gonna take you right out.
What is good for the future, what was good for the past -
Won't last.

Bury your heart, U-S-of-A,
History rears up to spit in your face.
You saw what you wanted,
You took what you saw,
We know how you got it,
Your method equals wipe out.

The end of the frontier and all that you own,
Under the blankets of all that you've done,
Memory serves us to serve you,
Yet memory serves us to never let you wipe out.

You'll get yours!
Wipe out!

Prohibition III performance sometime around 1995 at the Macondo in Los Angeles. Set includes covers from Project X, Full On Straight, Wide Awake, Mouthpiece, and more. Looks for guest sing alongs from members of Undertow, Strife, and more!

This line up included:
Sweet Pete (In My Eyes) - Vocals
Andrew (Strife) - Drums
Sid (Strife) - Bass
Todd (Strife) - guitar

Thanks to Tradition for posting this! Go!

847, Do You Have Your Radio Off?
San Francisco 88-94 by Bill Daniel
Published by Hamburger Eyes |

I picked up a copy of Bill Daniel's zine 847, Do You Have Your Radio Off? over the weekend. It features photographs taken in San Francisco between 1988 and 1994. The zine has a rad collection of images of seminal graff by the likes of Twist, Reminisce, Meta, Mr. Element, Cuba, and even L.A.'s Chaka (who I believe was introduced to the Bay Area by Krenz/Yem AM7.)

I believe you can track down a copy of the zine at either of the links listed above. Highly recommended!

This is a selection of punk and hardcore photographs by Bill Daniel from his American Slang exhibit with Cali Thornhill deWitt. The show was only up for one day so I'd thought I'd share.

I believe this is a Meta stencil on Bill Daniel's van... I could be wrong, as I'm used to seeing her work painted by hand.

UPDATE: Bill Daniel sez, "Oh, yeah, the META stencil, it was done by a friend of ours at her paddle-out memorial. He cut the stencil from one of her drawings and put it on my van. 2001. I don't think she ever did any stencil work. Her hand was so wonderful, seems unnecessary for her to do stencil work."

Amazing time lapse video of Earth shot from the International Space Station between August and October 2011. Read the full details here.

I'd completely forgotten about this piece. Just found the flick. Painted it a few years back in the Crewest alley, ran out of white, and that was that...

* Other People's Graffiti

Trembling Blue Stars - Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise (Live)

Per request: I filmed this video on March 26, 2003 at Fais Do Do in Los Angeles, and it features all of Aberdeen backing Bobby Wratten a.k.a. Trembling Blue Stars.

I had a bit of a tumble off my bike last night, and I'm definitely sometimes still feelin' the bruises. Ouch!

Trembling Blue Stars - Moonlight On Snow

Per request: I filmed this version of "Moonlight On Snow" by Robert Wratten a.k.a. Trembling Blue Stars and Beth Arzy from Aberdeen on March 26, 2003 at Fais Do Do in Los Angeles.

These are some shots from this year's Comikaze Expo. Thanks to Racecar13 for hooking it up!

L to R: Pastel Yellow, Jungle Green, Brick, Marigold Yellow, Hot Pink, and American Beauty Red by Krylon.

Enlightening infographic by BigOrangeSlide. Nabbed from Swank's blog.