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This is the archive for August 2011

These are some pages from the fifth issue of my zine Lost, published circa 2001. It was distributed at opening of my thesis exhibition back at school. It featured a memory-lapsed account of my early exposures to graffiti, a tribute to the MAK Crew, and some dope street photography by Acme SH/LOD. It's been long out of print, but here are a couple of ways to check out the entire issue:

• You can save some trees and view the whole issue online here.

• Or make your own bootleg copy by downloading the large print-ready PDF here.
(Print pages in order, back-to-back. When done, staple down the middle and fold in half. Or fold in half and staple down the middle.)

Other issues available for viewing/download:

• Issue 0001 available here.
• Issue 0002 available here.
• Issue 0003 available here.
• Issue 0004 available here.

Started this sketch for the homie Ashes ICR from Mexico City... Color coming soon!

This video/song is so many shades of wrong (besides ripping off Blur,) I debated even posting about it. Graffiti is really now just a fashion accesory. First, modelette Patty Hearst thinks she's down with the sickness; and now, Miss Thang Lindsay Lohan picks up a spraycan... I guess the "art scene" really is poppin'. Terrible.

(And if watching the whole video ain't enough for you, there's a 'making of' showing us how Lindsay gets down with the street art here.)

I'm participating in LA VS WAR 2 coming up, info below:

LA VS WAR 2: A Pro-Peace / Anti-War Exhibition
September 9-11, 2011 / Noon to Midnight

The Vortex
2341 E. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Featuring art exhibitions, live art, teach-ins, music, and much, much more!

From the event website: "LA Vs. WAR II will mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks with a massive group art exhibition and event taking place in Downtown LA from 9/9/11 to 9/11/11. Artists from LA and beyond will examine the questions: After 10 years of the Global War on Terror, where do we now stand as a nation? Is the world a safer place? Where does the Peace movement go from here?"

More info here.

* Lost in NYC Part I here.
* Lost in NYC Part II here.

Design for a silkscreen print that will be part of this year's ARTCRANK Interbike exhibition. It is based on this original piece.

* More info on ARTCRANK Interbike here.

Back in 2007, Yem AM7 hooked up a dope journey out to Montpellier, France to paint with Mear, Asylm, and me, Eyeone. These are some flicks of what we did out there...

* LINK FIXED! Larger flick of the wall here.
* Article on 50mm about the trip here.

Slaps by the GTB crowd: Skypage, Siblr, and Leche... Now ya know! (Flick lifted from Go take a look!)

* Other People's Graffiti

Coming soon to an anti-war art show near you!

Painting at the infamous 2 Yard circa 2002...

Been partial to the work of Hex LOD for a minute, but bumping into this production by Wram, Keo, and Hex TGO made me stop and look! Hellzyeah! (I mean 'heck', my bad...) Peep the dope dedication to Skill UTI!

* Large connector here.

The people behind the Deus Ex show I helped design put out a limited-edition run of T-shirts to mark the occasion. Pictured above is the shirt based on my design.

Peep the rest (and purchase one if so inclined) here. ALL GONE!

This is the first installment of snapshots from my recent trip to New York City....

The homie Skypage is one of the artists featured in the latest issue of Arkitip. They are having an issue release event and exhibit tonight in L.A. Info below:

Arkitip Issue No. 0058 : Color
Issue release and installations
August 11-September 1, 2011

Opening reception:

August 11, 2011
7-10 PM

Aaron De La Cruz
Anthony Lister

Arkitip Project Space
603 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

On the drawing table, starting a new piece...

Slayer shirts are back at

After my Dad took me to see this movie downtown, I was hooked...

Slanted Magazine No.14
Grotesque 2 : Summer 2011
Published by MAGMA Brand Design

I recently received a nice package from Slanted in the post. Slanted is a super fresh design and typography publication published by MAGMA Brand Design out of Germany. The current issue focuses on grotesque typefaces and features their implementation and history.

Of special note is a razor sharp photographic essay on immigration in Spain as a transit point into Europe by Miguel Hahn and Jan-Christoph Hartung, a type essay featuring book covers designed using grotesque type by Robert Schumann, and an article on Japanese graphic designer Kiyoshi Awazu by the homie Ian Lynam.

A selection of pages from the current issue is viewable online here.

DJ Prolifik Adiktshun just dropped his new mix CD Painted Vinyl. Holler at ib_prolifik [at] yahoo [dot] com for info on how to cop a hard copy, listen to it on Soundcloud, or click the below player, player!


This upcoming documentary about the heroes that take matters into their own hands and make a giant mess trying to buff graffiti looks pretty interesting.

Part III of Strife's limited-edition re-issues of their first long-out-of-print 7" record, available exclusively on their European Tour. Edition of 50, signed and numbered.

These are some shots from the before, during, and after of the Deus Ex : Human Revolution art show I helped design with Patrick Martinez for SA Studios and Square Enix. (You can purchase prints from the show here.)

The homie Gorgs hooked me up with this rad hat... Thanks G!

While out in New York last week I attended the Friends With You exhibit at The Hole. These are some of the pieces that caught my eye...