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This is the archive for November 2010

I made these two cardboard robots for a custom toy show back in '08 at Flare 84/Ricks Airbrush in Downey. The little one is called Shipping, and the big one, naturally, is called Handling.

When I was little, my mom used to make me toys out of toilet paper rolls, empty cardboard boxes, and other repurposed "junk." That is what inspired me to make these guys.

The homie Sheak LOD kicked down a pack of some candy called Skwinkles today that is apparently marketed to graffiti heads. You're supposed to buy 'em and collect 30 assorted stickers (one comes in each pack) and combine them like Voltron to form 5 sick-ass graffiti pictures! That's a lot of candy!

(P.S. Skwinkles is a derivation of the Aztec word Xoloitzcuintle which refers to a breed of hairless dogs believed to guide their masters' soul through the Underworld. Oh, and Xoloitzcuintles were bred for culinary purposes too. Go figure.)

Trembling Blue Stars - All Our Tomorrows

I never want you to feel again,
The way you did in your sad stories.
I want to take every bad thing,
Take it and consign it to history.
Let me hold you so close,
That all the things that haunt you leave you.
Let me repair the damage,
The past is gone and cannot touch you.
I can't stand the thought,
Of you feeling hurt,
Having seen,
The world at its worst.
I want to soothe all sorrows,
Chase away every bad memory.
Today and all our tomorrows,
Matter more than any yesterday.
I can't stand the thought,
Of you feeling hurt,
Having seen,
The world at its worst.

From the album
Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires by Trembling Blue Stars
| Thanks, NJR!

Cries and Whispers from the Salt Song Trail
by Derek Chan

Derek Chan's book Cries and Whispers from the Salt Song Trail tells of his journey to Four Corners in the Southwest of the U.S. Along with a handwritten narrative recounting his experiences, Chan's drawings convey a myriad of impressions and emotions encountered on this trek. The stories he captures testify to people's daily lives, their historical struggles, beliefs, and current endeavours.

Chan states: "This book is inspired by a desire to understand the indigenous people of the area, with emphasis on the Hopi Mesas, Navajo Territory, Black Mesa, and Canyon De Chelly... I wanted to see what I could discover about the sacred sites through local and oral histories...For many religions, pilgrimage is an important devotional practice. Travel is a form of meditation."

Excerpt: "Santiago is an M.C. He plays me a song off his cell phone from his Myspace music page. Myspace is one tool Santiago uses to reach out to other youth on the Res. Across the street is the Tuba City Skate Park. Santiago, Jordan, and Gary all hang out here. Santiago tells me he is learning Navajo basket weaving from one of his elders. He tells me this information is passed down generationally."

More info here.

Back in 2006, the homie Ian Lynam hit me up with some questions about my zine Lost and my thoughts on lettering styles in L.A. The questions paved the way for an in-depth article on Tokyo-based design site PingMag. Evidence below:

Article in English here.
Article in Japanese here.
Lost website here.

Above: My bonsai tree going through autumn. The passing of time...

Rick Ordonez : Kitty Litter
Opening: Saturday November 20, 2010 | 7-9 PM

From the LA Weekly: "Authorities on Wednesday announced they've taken one of the Los Angeles region's most hardcore criminals off the streets -- a man who surely strikes fear into the eyes of Hells Angels, Crips, Bloods and Girl Scouts alike. That's right, he's the ... kitty cat graffiti artist. (We shiver just thinking about it)."

Mid-City Arts Gallery
5113 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90019

Sonny Gerasimowicz : Empty Promises
Opening: Saturday November 20, 2010 | 8-11 PM

From the press release:
"All you need to know right off the bat about Sonny Gerasimowicz was that he was the Art Director of Where the Wild Things Are. It may also help to understand that Sonny happens to have a famed moniker, COAX, from AWR."

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

The mad scientists at CERN just announced that they trapped antimatter atoms using the aptly named Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA.) Since I can't even pretend to explain how amazing this is, I'll just cheat and quote from the press. (I can't, however, stop hearing the voices in my head saying "It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt." How long before they make antimatter rayguns?)

From CERN:
"Antimatter or the lack of it remains one of the biggest mysteries of science. Matter and its counterpart are identical except for opposite charge, and they annihilate when they meet. At the Big Bang, matter and antimatter should have been produced in equal amounts. However, we know that our world is made up of matter: antimatter seems to have disappeared."

From National Geographic:
"Theories predict that antimatter particles and matter particles have opposite electrical charges but are otherwise nearly identical. Whenever the matter and antimatter meet, they self-annihilate in a shower of pure energy."

CERN press release here.
National Geographic article here.
Really good video interview explaining the whole thing here.
The ALPHA Collaboration website is here.
CERN website is here.

I'm dedicating the above images of Treeson by Bubi Au Yeung to the one and only LeHumanBeing. All day!

Flyer for the Hip Hop Shop by Hex TGO. Los Angeles, ca 1991.

The homie Makaga sent me a copy of a nice sketchbook facsmile he produced featuring work from 2001-2009. Peep more of his work here.

ThaMuteOne's contributions to the sticker archive. Peep more from him here.

I'm not usually "adventurous" enough to run around Downtown L.A. during ArtWalk in search of the right hybrid and/or ironic-themed food truck, ducking in and/or out of convenience stores that hastily slap prints and jewelry on their walls for that night, and/or dodging Babylon tryin' to criticize my walking beer, but I gotta say, yesterday was dope!

Hacer's Duality project made a big impression on err'one that stopped by, from Hollywood actors and actorettes to my nephew Camilo. Sick work by Hacer, Retna, Kofie, Sharktoof, Tanner, y Eyeone (if I do say so myself...) Big ups Swank, LeHumanBeing, AK, Punk Rabbit, and the infamous Drinking Closet!

Much better photographs of the opening on Tanner's blog here.

Daily DuJour somehow managed to flick my stunt-double (and much more) here.

G_H_Studio presents
DUALITY featuring Retna | Kofie | Tanner | Sharktoof | Hacer | Eyeone

Opening reception during ArtWalk Downtown L.A.

DUALITY is a sculptural collaborative project between HACER and 5 L.A.-based artists with roots in graffiti, urban art, and street culture that challenges notions of public art and spaces for free expression.

Opening: November 11, 2010 | 6 - 9 pm
CB Gallery | 408 S. Spring St. at 4th | Los Angeles, CA 90012

Trembling Blue Stars' Bobby Wratten with Aberdeen playing "Maybe After All" on March 19, 2003 at Fais Do Do in L.A. (Jimmy Tamborello was supposedly guest DJing that night, although I don't really remember.)

Another sick zine from the homie M.B. called Episodes. This one has a cinematic feel to it, like a film with a bit of a melancholic soundtrack (but that may be the cofee in my head talking.) Try wayout[dot]mb[at]gmail[dot]com and you might make contact.

I dug up some even older robots from my youth gone wild.

1. UltraSeven, ca. 1976
2. Getter Poseidon, 1978
3. Combattra, 1978
4. Mazinger, 1978
5. Mechander Robo, ca. 1977
6. Gaiking, 1979
7. Unknown, date unknown

Hennessey + Ingalls Art & Architecture Bookstore has been down with my 'zine Lost from the get-go. I'm passing along a note I got from them announcing that, from November 6 through the 13, they are 20% off'ing errthang in the store. Get some books! They are a rad bookshop worthy of your hard-earned bucks.

Santa Monica Store
214 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Hollywood Store
Space 15Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Ste. 8
Los Angeles, CA 90028

A sneak peak of the new Tradition (opening tonight!) featuring some stuff by me and The Hundreds.

Friday November 5, 2010
Tradition Grand Reopening
7-11 PM

Works by Eyeone
Music by Tiron, DJ Val the Vandle, Belvi, Richard Wright, CoolRoy + more!
Featuring The Hundreds holiday line debut.

3188 Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 |

Good friend and awesome artist Derek Chan has a show opening this weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Info below:

Derek Chan
November 6-28, 2010

From the museum website:
"Derek Chan's rigorous paintings, works-on-paper, and durational performances record the minutia of daily life while combining historical narratives to reflect on such themes as spirituality and environmental sustainability. Chan develops his work through a highly personal, meditative practice that most recently explores the spiritual and poetic nature of the Four Corners region, where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet. "

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
220 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611-2643 |

More info here.
Also check his book release party at Golden Age.

The homies at Tradition are set to launch their new location this Friday in the land of Thousand Oaks. Their grand reopening will also feature the launch of their co-conspirators The Hundreds' holiday line. Somewhere amongst all the celebrating I will be showing a selection of recent works. Shyeaaah!!!

Friday November 5, 2010
Tradition Grand Reopening
7-11 PM

Works by Eyeone
Music by Tiron, DJ Val the Vandle, Belvi, Richard Wright, CoolRoy + more!
Featuring The Hundreds holiday line debut.

3188 Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 |

Part II of my Police In Helicopters piece.

January 16, 1998
Cokni O' Dire & DJ Higher (Positive Rhythm Sound)
Resident DJs:
Marvski | Tomahawk

January 30, 1998
DJ Rob One | DJ Fingerprintz | DJ Marvski
(Featuring an appropriated flick of the legendary Mongo Santamaria.)

March 27, 1998
Cokni O' Dire & DJ Higher (Positive Rhythm Sound) | DJ Marvski
(That's a young Bob Marley gettin' down on the front of this flyer.)

July 3, 1998
Live performances by:
Jizzm | Missing Link | The World Domination Wreckin' Crew
DJ Rob One | DJ Marvski | DJ Adikt One
Aerosol art by:
Slick | Precise | Relic | Bash | Cre8 | Acme | Rob One | Merz | Kero | Gloze + more!
(I think this may have been cancelled and/or shut down by Babylon...)

I designed the above flyers in 1998 for Gloze 54 and his seminal L.A. hip-hop / soul / breaks / beat underground parties Fillet O' Soul. The parties would jump off at different spots throughout L.A. until finally settling down at the old Macondo spot. The area is now famously referred to as the Bicycle District or Hel-Mel.