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This is the archive for October 2010

Strife at Macondo, 1996.

Micro Cassette Robot Jaguar, 1984.

Micro Cassette Robot Micros, 1984.

During the Migración y Revolución Symposium in Mexico City, I got to meet (and paint with) some really cool people. One of the homegirls we met does a lot of labor organizing with sex workers in D.F., and she sent the above announcement my way.

The sex workers of La Merced are presenting an altar to their deceased compañeras this weekend. It sounds like a poignant and powerful way to mark Día De Los Muertos. Info below:

Tiempo Fracturado : Ofrenda de Muertos

Presented by the
Sexoservidoras de la Merced

Friday October 29, 2010
| 7:00 PM

Calle Cruces
(between Regina and San Pablo)
Mercado La Merced, Colonia Centro
Mexico, D.F.

Really feelin' this new shirt design by Slay. Grab one while ya can!
Available here.
One of my earliest childhood memories is running to the liquor store to grab a Disney sticker album and searching high and low for the stickers to fill it with. Since then, I've been addicted to collecting 'em and -although I'm no Serch- covering everything I can with them. These pages come from my sketchbooks and feature work by a ton of people. (Yeah I got some doubles, and nope, I ain't trading...)

Dsrup K4P has been rockin' dope zines for a hot minute. His latest showcases more of his signature black and white graphics, letterforms, and iconography. If you manage to see a copy somewhere, grab that ish! Or drop him a line to see what up.

You can check out more of his projects here.

Found these stowed away in a box buried in my folks' basement.

Top to bottom:
1. Orguss Orgroid, 1983
2. Sasuraiger, 1984
3. Gerwalk Nikick, 1984
4. Irongear, 1982
5. Battroid Valkyrie, 1982
6. Mospeada Legioss, 1983
7. Battroid Valkyrie, 1982
8. Voltron, 1984

Libro de Lectura, Primer Grado
Comisión Editora Popular
(Facsimile printed in 1990)

On my last visit to Mexico City, I picked up a facsimile of a 1938 Workers Night Schools first-grade reading book. The schools were part of a program designed to provide education to the working class and promote literacy throughout Mexico.

The book is illustrated with some amazing woodcuts by artists such as Mariano Paredes, Filiberto Cisneros Vera, and Gonzalo Paz Pérez, among others. Here are some of the pages that caught my eye:

Update: You can view/print/download the entire publication here.

The Field Mice
If You Need Someone 7"
Sarah Records 24

I'm starting a new, slightly OCD'd project with this post: cataloging my record collection. Apologies in advance... (On the real though, checking out records as a kid with my Dad was one of the things that lured me into graphic design, clichéd as that may sound. Peep game.)

Portland-based artist Fog vs Fist rocks some fresh collage work using vintage photographs, paint, ink, and other media. One of the coolest things about his work is that it is all analog, cut-and-paste, very DIY. He gets extra props for distributing cards with his art via the postal service.

These are some spreads from a fresh art zine called Way Out by the homie M.B. that I recently got in the mail. No website (that I know of) but you can reach out old-school and holler at wayout[dot]mb[at]gmail[dot]com for more info.

Illustration by Swanky featuring Mr. StencilCap, purveyor of amazing ultra fine lines! I field-tested these caps over the weekend and they saved the day.

Get the caps (and more info) at

Evergreen at Macondo
October 29, 1994

Bikini Kill at Macondo
April 25, 1993

Being that this week's blogging was heavily reliant on back-in-the-day 90s hardcore reminiscing, I'm posting some footage of live shennanigans at Macondo that I found on on the YouTubes.

My zine Lost got a cool shoutie over on rad art/design blog TYPO-GRAPHICAL.
Check it here.

Strife at Macondo, ca. 1994

These flyers are from some of the hardcore shows that took place at Macondo in 1994. (I think I may be missing a few. I'll update this post if I find 'em.)

January 14, 1994
Process | Outright | Change for the Better | Center Point
(Two-up flyer not by me. I dig the 'P' for Process.)

February 5, 1994
Sensefield | Still Life | Evergreen
(I think Oscar Macondo made this one, featuring perennial fave Morrissey.)

March 13, 1994
Undertow | Strife | New Day
(Jacked me some Dragonball Z characters for this flyer...)

May 7, 1994
Still Life | Evergreen | Casperspook | Fondles | Seesaw | Tummy Ache
(This one was a homeless benefit show put together by Revolution Rising.)

May 21, 1994
Strife | Mean Season | Remain | Entity
(Collabo flyer with Oscar Macondo and a mysterious Calvin...)

May 28, 1994
Spitboy | Shroom Union | Jara | Angel Hair
(I tried some two-up madness on this one too, using my fave one-panel Mafalda strips by Quino.)

June 16, 1994
Farside | State of the Nation | Cult of Eugene | Lunkhead
(This flyer is by Rafael Navarro of Sonámbulo comic fame.)

July 1994
Front, back, and inside covers for our July 1994 calendar slash zine.
(On the cover is a picture of Popeye from Farside)

July 10, 1994
Bouncing Souls | Gameface | Casperspook | Pawn
(This flyer featured Cheech Wizard and Lizard parlayin'. Please please please let me get what I want this time Smiths reference on the bottom. Clever.)

July 15, 1994
Endpoint | Farside | Split Lip | Ellis | Stregth 6.91
(Girlfriend in a coma, i know, i know, it's serious...)
July 17, 1994
Sensefield | Ashes | Dayspring | Pawn | Enswell
(The devil will find work for idle hands to do.)

July 22, 1994
Slant 6 | Undertow | Unbroken | Clikatat Ikatowi
(More Bodé fun. Show was amazing, and that's an understatement. Smiths quote along bottom: I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.)
July 10, 1994
Bouncing Souls | Gameface | Casperspook | Pawn | Enswell
(Please please please let me get what I want this time.)

July 26, 1994
Heavens to Betsy | Tummy Ache | Excuse 17 | Switched At Birth
(Mafalda's Libertad gives her fellow grrrls a scolding on this one...)

August 11, 1994
Snapcase | Lifetime | Remain
August 13, 1994
Evergreen | Enswell | Cult of Eugene | Fucking Angels | Nuzzle
August 19, 1994
Sparkmarker | Casperspook | Pawn | New Day
(Flyer for three shows with an appropriated Sebastiao Salgado photo. Smiths quote: I can't help the way I feel.)

August 13, 1994
Evergreen | Enswell | Cult of Eugene | Fucking Angels | Nuzzle
(I think Enswell might have dropped of this bill, see previous flyer.)
August 19, 1994
Casperspook | Pawn | New Day | Emery
(Ditto for Sparkmarker, check above)
August 20, 1994
Mouthpiece | Undertow
(I'm sure we added like 8 more bands for this one...)

August 13, 1994
Evergreen | Enswell | Cult of Eugene | Fucking Angels | Nuzzle
(This one is an alternate flyer by Sonámbulo's Rafael Navarro.)

August 20, 1994
Mouthpiece | Undertow | Entity | Dead Wait
(Alternate flyer for this Mouthpiece/Undertow show, along with two other shows not at Macondo. Not sure who made the flyer, but I like the sans-graphics look.)

October 29, 1994
Sensefield | Evergreen | Triggerman | Cult of Eugene
(The Hulk was mad stoked!)

December 3, 1994
Still Life | Casperspook | Pawn | Julia | Embassy
(We jumped to quoting Cure songs on our flyers at this point.)

December 9, 1994
Jara | Tummy Ache | Crown For Athena | Crash & Brittany | Amber Inn
(That's a photo of Subcomandante Marcos taken by my Pops.)

December 16, 1994
Unbroken | Mean Season | Process | I Wish I
(Dark Knight by Frank Miller, natch. This is the first time I used an image on a flyer that I straight downloaded from some weird thing called The Internet. Also, note the random connection to Dim Mak via I Wish I... How early adopting of us.)

December 30, 1994
Farside | Triggerman | Casperspook | Malfunction
(Rounding out 1994 with a banger, and an appropriate Cure quote to boot: Friday I'm in love with you.)

You can check out more Macondo flyers here and here.

Some back-in-the-day, mosh-pit-proven old hardcore t-shirts somehow still in one piece-ish...

Top to bottom:
1. Hardcore 1990 (ca. 1990, duh!)
2. House of Suffering (ca. 1995)
3. Eleven Thirty Four (ca. 1995)
4. Strife (ca. 1996)
5. Lifetime (ca. 1993)
6. Endpoint (ca. 1995)

Diggin' around the internets I found a few more examples of Zapatista/EZLN characters with a wee bit of a resemblance to mine... No?

See more here and here.

These are some preview pages from Tempt's upcoming zine for the Eyewriter Kickstarter project. The fundraising goal was met, but donations will be accepted for thirteen more days. Peep it, you get all kinds of cool stuff if you pitch in.

(The zine is the premiere issue of a classified project called Nowhere. Stay tuned!)

Here are some black and white drawings by the homie Precise –mentor, inspiration, and one of the founders of Seeking Heaven– that I had posted before my blog zeroed out last year.

I'm stoked to be catchin' Belle & Sebastian this weekend with partner-in-crime LeHumanBeing. The last time I can remember goin' to the Hollywood Palladium was to see Fugazi in 1992. Some random band named Pearl Jam opened for them. I'm gonna have to ask them where the nearest 24 hour (party people) laundromat is at...

Belle & Sebastian - The Blues Are Still Blue

Look at the kid from school
He's teaching mamas and papas how to be a little cool
He's changing fashion, the way he dress
The tracksuits are old, and the hoody's way too moody
For a kid with the will to funk
He dances in secret; he's a part-time punk

She's getting off the plane
She wants to write a thesis on the population underprivileged
The kids fighting up the lane
Shop lifting, just drifting
Like The Switchblade And The Cross
But if there's trouble she's got the moves
She's taking an elementary class in Kung fu

I left my washing in the launderette
You can put some money on it, you can place a little bet
That when I see my washing
The black will be grey and the white will be grey
But the blues are still blue

I'm crying out for my mum
If the malady don't go away we're in a little trouble
With the boss of the company
I'm a singer, a swinger I'm a layabout but laying on
The dock in the lazy sun
Will never quite relegate me to a bum

I left my lady in the launderette
You can put some money on it, you can place a little bet
That when I see my lady
The black will be white and the white will be black
But The Blues Are Still Blue

Baby, I love your face
I've been creeping round this town because?
Well, creeping's just my way
But with a little wink I'll be there
I'll be excited for a week, but then excitement starts to fade
I know your young, but you're out of touch
You're French, your vocabulary's not quite formed

I left my homework in the launderette
I got a letter from my mamma which my stoopid dog has ate
I hid behind the fence
Here comes the deputy head with the bark of a bulldog
He's not making much sense

I left my lady in the launderette
You can put some money on it, you can place a little bet
That when I see my lady
The black will be white and the white will be black
But the blues are still blue?