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This is the archive for July 2010

Ground Kontrol, Portland. Tron Light Cycle stage, after a few pints of Woodchuck...

These are some flicks of street-level graffiti that caught my eye on a recent trip to Mexico City.

I'm in Portland tonight for the opening of Not For Reproduction. Info below:

Opening Reception:
July 29, 2010 | 7 p.m.-late

Featuring work by:

Gabe Decker
Racecar 13

The Goodfoot
2845 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97214

Mikel Erentxun - Esta luz nunca se apagará

Los Prisioneros - Tren al sur

Jaguares - Afuera

Enanitos Verdes - Lamento Boliviano

Fobia - Vivo

Caifanes - Viento

Maná - Corazón espinado

Hombres G - Devuélveme a mi chica

Painting like mad while listening to rock en mi idioma. I'm not sure if this makes me a fresa, a naco, or both, but whatever. We can rock it all night long.

My zine LOST has been invited to be part of the Snow Magazine Cafe in Tokyo. It will be a month-long celebration of art, design, and culture magazines from around the world at Cafe Pause in August. I will post more info as the date nears (which is soon, yikes!)


I just completed the art/design for the limited-edition re-release of Strife's first seven inch (originally put out by New Age Records in 1992.) It will only be available at this year's Sound And Fury Festival. Go!

Peep the full story behing this release on Tradition's blog.

Collab painting with LeHumanBeing for an upcoming show at 1AMSF.

The homie J. Shea is showing a new body of work here in L.A. Info below:

J.Shea : Life Form
Opening: Saturday, July 17, 2010 | 7-10 PM

LeBASSE Projects
6023 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Eyelid at Macondo, date unknown.

I (finally) found the 1993 set of my Macondo flyers. Here they go:


January 7, 1993
Unwound | Still Life | Diesel | Kerosene 454
(That's Josh Quagmire's QT Bunny dressed as Storm...)

January 13, 1993
Atoxxxico | Consequence | Diesel | + more!
(Flyer by Heric Patchwork, Atoxxxico ripped sh*t up!)

January 14, 1993
Hell No! | Merel | Man Is The Bastard | Diesel | Honeywell
(...Felipe from Mafalda by Quino...)

January 15, 1993
Strife | Focused | Ice | Function | Consequence | Casperspook
(...and Calvin and Mom by Bill Watterson. This show was supposed to take place at Pasadena Ciy College but did not due to some mix-up. Oscar Macondo made this flyer if I recall correctly...)

January 22, 1993
Still Life | Driftwood | Missing Honey | Evergreen | Casperspook
(This one was part of our series organized at USC.)

January 29, 1993
Focused | Casperspook | Consequence | Remain | + more!
(Another one at USC. I recycled this Doraemon concept from an older flyer I made.)

February 7, 1993
The Mr. T Experience | Sensefield | Soulfire | Horace Pinker | Pocket
(That's Libertad from Mafalda by Quino...)

February 12, 1993 & February 28, 1993
Born Against | Heroin | Diesel | Brookhurst
Spitboy | J Church | Rain Like The Sound Of Trains | Beekeeper | Driftwood
(Two-show flyer made by Unfucked/West Coast Drag.)

February 26, 1993
Blackspot | Strife | Function | Remain
(Flyer by Heric Patchwork.)

February 28, 1993
Spitboy | J Church | Rain Like The Sound Of Trains | Beekeeper | Driftwood
(Made by me with some photo I found and Keroppi's friend snail.)

March 12, 1993
Sensefield | Gameface | Evergreen | Remain
(Show at USC. They made this flyer, I think...)

April 04, 1993
Jawbreaker | Still Life | Evergreen | Casperspook | Manumission | Lumps
(Pre-major label Jawbreaker was fun... Top flyer by Mark Unfucked.)

April 10, 1993
Supertouch | Farside | Strife | Stagger
(I didn't make this flyer, but I dig the Kathe Köllwitz image.)

April 18, 1993
Down By Law | Holy Water | Distorted Pony | Bobsled
(Flyer by Patchwork Fanzine's Heric. On a related note, I was kinda bummed to find out yesterday that Down By Law's frontman Dave Smalley was a columnist for the Conservative Punk blog. Go figure...)

April 25, 1993
Bikini Kill | Not For The Lack Of Trying | Lather | Canopy
(Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna pulled an un-cool act of violence against one of Macondo's friends at this show. If you know the scoop, you know. If not, ask me, I won't say 'no', how could I...)

May 23, 1993
Avail | Campaign | Not For The Lack Of Trying | Antioch Arrow
(2-up flyer by me, photo lifted from who-knows-where...)

June 13, 1993
Worlds Collide | Strife | Downset | Consequence | Remain | FYP
(Macondo One Year of Hardcore flyers: top by Oscar Macondo, featuring hardcore flyer mainstay Calvin by Bill Watterson; middle by Shot UTI featuring 'invites to L.A.'s dopest hip hop soldiers'; and bottom one by me, before I knew Social Justice had become Downset.)

June 26, 1993
Into Another | Railhead | Ashes Dust | Smile
(I can't remember who made this flyer... Maybe someone from Jade Tree Records? In any case, the "Support Independent Music" statement is still relevant.)

July 16, 1993
Game Face | Casperspook | Saltlick
(Rini Templeton drawing on this flyer. I remember this show being exceedingly fun.)

July 20, 1993
Lifetime | Chorus Of Disapproval | Bouncing Souls | Neck Deep | Cereal
(Didn't make the flyer, but the show was epic! I guess you just had to be there...)

August 1, 1993
Sparkmarker | Undertow | Strife | Remain | Unbroken
(We were on a roll with the groundbreaking shows! I think Sparkmarker or Undertow flipped the image from the Jacob's Ladder movie poster...)

August 10, 1993
Blackspot | Drift Again | Ashes | Entity | Darkroom
(I have no idea who made this one, but I dig the no-graphics look.)

October 11, 1993
Phleg Camp | Casperspook
(Once again, I appropriated a Josh Quagmire character and Keroppi's snail homie...)

October 16, 1993
Spitboy | Still Life | Manumission
(I didn't make a flyer for this show 'cuz I dug this Raging Bull one...)

November 13, 1993
Game Face | Bouncing Souls | Remain | New Day
(I made this flyer during a ditching mission from school and no computer access.)

December 11, 1993
Sensefield | Kerosene 454 | Shroom Union | Clikatat Ikatowi
(Another legendary show, photo "borrowed" from Sebastião Salgado...)

The Ulysses Guide to the L.A. River
By Ulysses L. Zemanova et. al.

I'm nearly two years late in reviewing this book, but I've read it so many times that I figured I should post about it here. The Los Angeles River is a playground and a warfield for many forms of life, human and otherwise, and this book presents an in-depth look into this hectic waterway that crosses our entire city.

The first volume of the UGLAR Book concerns itself with two aspects of what the River comprises: biology and art. In the biology section, the struggle of the cycle of life is thoroughly explored with ample documentation of life and death in this biosphere. If you've ever wonder where those red welts across your midsection came from after a visit to the River, the book offers many not-too-appealing possible sources. Surprising and expected species are captured in their natural/artificial environment, a testament to the ambivalent relationship between nature and "civilization."

The art section presents a substantial collection of images of what Dondi would come to call The Battle Above Ground: graffiti. The author(s) also follow the River from beginning to end, catching the art of almost a century that has been plastered and gone over on all available surfaces of the River. From early hobo and cholo writing to 21st century L.A. lettering, the book has it covered. (Props for the excellent coverage of the 2 yard!) Adding to this historical perspective is a great selection of River-themed art by Michael Alvarez, Chaz Bojorquez, Chris Brand, Zes, SinerLTS, Rob Sato, Evan Skrederstu, Steve Martinez, Eric Skotnes, and many more.

From the book's website: "The culture of Los Angeles flows -- both figurative and quite literally -- through its central vein: The River. This book is borne from a fascination and love that precedes the attention that has shifted back to this flow. Fathered by the late Ulysses Zemanova and further nurtured by its co-authors/ editors, The Ulysses Guide to the Los Angeles River (UGLAR) moves beyond the overexposed culture of graffiti and misunderstood world of scientific discovery. UGLAR wishes to bring to light the authors' interest, if only to spawn more within its readers."

Cams re-enacting the cover to Bauhaus' Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape.


1. Punk Magazine cover featuring The Ramones, April 1976.
2. Circle One | 7 Seconds | Stalag 13 flyer by Jaime Hernandez, ca. 1983.
3. Underdog self-titled EP, art by Matt Solomon, 1986.
4. Descendents | RKL | Insolents flyer, date unknown.
5. Pagan Babies Next LP, art by Bruce Boyd, 1988.
6. Wasted Youth Get Out Of My Yard EP, band logo by David Arquette, 1986.
7. Crass stencil, ca. 1979.

Rust-oleum Auto Primer (white), date unknown. (Courtesy of Gloze 54.)
A couple of more sets of flicks from the Rendition2 show below:

GraffHead coverage here.

Chicharon Adventures coverage here.

Rendition2 went off cool, thanks for asking. Lots of friends, crew, strangers, acquaintances, homies, family, and frienemies rolled through Hold Up to peep the exhibit. I figured I'd compile a bunch of flicks from before, during, and after. Here they go...

Untitled (Jorge III) by Eyeone

Hi Hater (detail) by Swank

Portrait of Gzer by Andy Rios

Top to bottom: Untitled, Santa Fe, Self Portrait, and Untitled by Skypage

Top to bottom: Kuruption, The Attack, and Pretty Ugly by Kozem

Zapatistas by Luna

Top to bottom: Aztek, Chaka, and Stencil 2 by Eric Gallegos

Top to bottom: The Angry Mechanic and Breaking Free by Cache

Face by Jorger

Top to bottom: Broken Dreams and Prolifik Addiction by Adikt

Zapatista Piñatas by LeHumanBeing


Photos "borrowed" from Eric BMW, Eyeone, Hold Up Art, and Luna.

Hold Up Art
358 E. 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 221-4585