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This is the archive for December 2009

Looking forward to hearing this song about 100 times tonight. Hip-hop hooray! Felicidades!

Recent wall painted in East L.A. by Swank, Adikt, and Eye. Flick (and headline) nabbed from Swank's blog. Wall provided by Keo.

Peep the rest of the flickage here.



I'm way late to the game, but I like to think it actually puts me ahead of the curve of its future retro-rediscovery...

Anyways, XKCD is some funny-a$$ $h1t!

Free Copy Tokyo made it onto GraffHead's much-coveted holiday-approved list for 2009! Check it here. Grab a copy (for free99) here.

Sketch I just finished in Adikt's book.

Some recent additions to the Laboratorios Margen Permanent Collection.

1. Kthe Kollwitz: Graphics Posters Drawings by Renate Hinze, 1981.
2. Kthe Kollwitz: Graphics Posters Drawings (detail.)
3. Sky High by Eric Hodgkins and F. Alexander Magoun, 1929.
4. O'Brien brick, Sleepy Hollow, NY. Date unknown (courtesy of Jason Youth!)
5. The Seven Autumn Flowers 2x10" by Trembling Blue Stars, 2004. #070/600.
6. The Seven Autumn Flowers (detail.)
7. Mr. Toast "Vinyl Collector" by Dan Goodsell, 2009.
8. Baia Ediviewer Mark II, ca. 1966.
9. Pioneer Marine Finishes (spar white,) 1 gallon. Date unknown.

Max (age 6-ish) over at Monkeyhouse Toys made these drawings based on the "ninjas" he's seen painted around his 'hood. I dig his rendition of the northeast-pointing SH arrow on dude's shirt. "#1. Oh word?"

Midnight Ridazz annual toy-drive is happening on Friday, December 11, 2009. Rides are converging on Olvera Street from everywhere. For more info click here.

I received a copy of this sick zine by the one and only Kofie. This particular edition sold out quick-like, so keep your browser aimed at if you want a fighting chance at scoring future goods.

I did this circa 1997. It formed part of my installation for Burning Fight.

After much resistance, I finally gave in and accepted amigurumi into my square mind's landscape, to nick from Morrissey (see previous post.)

First, I heard out about Stitch Wars. Then, I was given a crocheted cactus from Atwater's own Little Knittery for my birthday. Finally, I stumbled upon the radness that is Hello Kthulhu. That did it. I know I'm a bit late to the party, in internet years, but these are some I'm digging. Awwwwww....

1. Hello Kthulhu by Trinlayk
2. Bashful Blooming Cacti by Willynillywaterlily
3. Bacon & Egg Jellyfish by Yummy Pancake
4. Seal by Amibutton
5. Wolverine by Geek Central Station
6. Escargot by Gourmet Amigurumi
7. Eggs by Anapaulaoli
8. Mechanobot by La Fe Crochette

"I've made up your mind," classic creeper quote from Mauricio aka The Moz. As he says, it's war, it's war, it's war, it's war... Ha! I'll be at the bar.

Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

The more you ignore me
The closer I get
You're wasting your time
The more you ignore me
The closer I get
You're wasting your time

I will be
In the bar
With my head
On the bar
I am now
A central part
Of your minds landscape
Whether you care
Or do not
Yeah, Ive made up your mind

The more you ignore me
The closer I get
Youre wasting your time
The more you ignore me
The closer I get
You're wasting your time

Beware !
I bear more grudges
Than lonely high court judges
When you sleep
I will creep
Into your thoughts
Like a bad debt
That you cant pay
Take the easy way
And give in
Yeah, and let me in
Oh, let me in
Oh let me ...
Oh, let me in
Its war
Its war
Its war
Its war
Its war
Oh, let me in
Ah, the closer I get
Ah, you're asking for it
Ah, the closer I get
Ooh, the closer I ...

Mo' Wax, Futura 2000, DJ Shadow, UNKLE, Shynola... Need I say more? Saw this at ResFest way back in the day, 1999. I suppose it's "old school" now, ha!

Free Copy Tokyo is ('natch) a free 'zine capturing some glimpses of graffiti on Tokyo's streets. I got the first printing of 24 (with built-in sticker!) ready for the first 24 people who hit me up with a mailing address and/or I run into that want a copy.

(Remember, the comments section is public, so if you don't want your mailing address put on blast for all to see, emailing it is best.)

Not sure when the next print run will be, so first come, first served... While supplies last! First run is out of print. If they run out, you can also:

Save some trees and view online here.

Not save some trees and print your own by downloading this file.
(Print pages in order, back-to-back. When done, staple down the middle and fold in half. Or fold in half and staple down the middle, whichever floats your boat.)