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This is the archive for July 2009

The Passing Of Time, 2013
36" x 36" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 2000

All Of Its Crimes, 2013
36" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 1000

Plastic, 2012
18" x 36" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 1000

Distance, 2012
18" x 36" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 1000

Writer, 2012
12" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 300

Steps, 2012
12" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 300

Rainy Days, 2012
12" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 300

Sleeper, 2012
36" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 1000

Erasing, 2012
36" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 1000

Lying, 2012
36" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 1000

Walking, 2012
36" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 1000

Landing, 2012
24" x 18" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 500

Shall, 2012
18" x 36" | Mixed-media on wood
$ 800

Every Day, 2011
28" x 40" | Mixed-media on board
$ 800

Uplift, 2011
18" x 24" | Serigraphy on paper | Edition of 50
$ 40

Untitled II, 2010
20" x 28" | Mixed-media on board
$ 400

Dream, 2010
28" x 40" | Mixed-media on board
$ 800

Option, 2010
28" x 40" | Mixed-media on board
$ 800

Ride - Vapour Trail: "Tremble with a sigh."

Ride - The Sight Of You: "My heart is sad."

Ride - Today: "I want her. I don't want her."

Ride - Sennen: "Eyes aflame, she ran away."

Ride - Chelsea Girl: "Away from the places we have known."

Ride - Dreams Burn Down: "Her eyes speak loud."

Ride - Unfamiliar: "Losing sight of that familiar touch you know."

Ride - Seagull: "Now it's your turn to see me rise."

Ride - Like A Daydream: "One moment captured."

Ride - Beneath: "This time will pass away."

Because I had to. Three plus seven equals ten.

Check out some dope flicks from the Off The Wall show over on The Lipstick Diaries. Thanks Kimby!

Re-posting this video by Trembling Blue Stars, this time as mandated by W00t!
I have some work in Off The Wall, a tribute to Michael Jackson art show opening tonight at Tradition.

895 Agoura Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Opening: Saturday July 25, 2009
7 pm-11 pm

Featuring art by Acme, Axis, Chase Tafoya, Christina Felice, Dethkills, Eyeone, Jason Youth, SharkToof, Spurn, Tommy Ruets, + more!
Phone cam preview of my Michael Jackson pieces for Off The Wall at Tradition. From left to right: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

I was like "Whoah!" when I came across the brilliant work of Franco Brambilla. His Invading the Vintage set is particularly awesome, taking old pleasant postcards and introducing some unexpected guests to the otherwise mundane scenery. Atomic Fist Leisure had me rolling with the giant robot fist floating in the lake .

Invading The Vintage Flickr set here.
People in Asia witnessed the longest total solar eclipse of the century today. NASA's website has some in-depth info. I saw a total solar eclipse in Mexico City in 1991. I'll take that as a sign.

Photos from AP via zitalee_jingyi's Flickr stream.
UPDATE: PicFog is aggregating eclipse photos in real time here.
As a result of the wipe of my blog archives, I will be sporadically re-posting old stuff in between days as time and memory allows. Hit me up if there's anything in particular I should put up on here again.
Signed, El Eyer

I had the pleasure of visiting this dope gallery in Mexico City called Cavemen Did It First. Established in 2008, the gallery serves as a platform for promoting and supporting Mexican street art and graffiti. I'm especially digging the pieces by Yoste currently on display there.

Cavemen Did It First Gallery
Jesús María 60, 3rd Floor,
Centro Histórico, Mexico City
Got the blog software to work again, now trying to see if I can bring back my old posts. Some thangs are still quirky, like the automatic Savilleization of my tag...

Born in Mexico City, Mexico
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

MFA, Design/Media Arts | UCLA
BA, Literature | UCLA

Eyeone is an artist and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. His work is rooted in graffiti, printmaking, photography, and punk rock. Often focusing on isolated objects and individuals, his art reflects on themes of alienation, survival, melancholy, resistance, and the myriad experiences encountered while navigating the chaos of contemporary urban environments.

Eyeone co-curated and was a featured artist in the SCRATCH exhibition at ESMoA in conjunction with The Getty. Eyeone also co-curated and is featured artist in the Getty Research Institute's L.A. Liber Amicorum blackbook project, now part of their permanent rare books collection. His work has recently been included in L.A. Heat and Dreams Deferred at the Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles and in the Pasadena Museum of California Art as part of their Street Cred exhibition.

He has lectured at various institutions including The Getty, Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), Brown University, U.C. Riverside, Cal State Los Angeles, and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.