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Typical scene at Macondo, circa 1996.

I finally found a bunch of old Macondo hardcore flyers I thought I had lost when my old blog expired. I'll be organizing them by year, annotating them as much as possible, and reposting them here.


May 31, 1992
Social Justice | Strife | Bottom Line | Knowledge Threat
(If I recall correctly, this show actually got cancelled.)

June 13, 1992
Social Justice | Strife | Interlocked | Outright
(This the first hardcore show at Macondo. Top flyer by me, bottom flyer by Heric Patchwork.)

July 12, 1992
Downcast | One Step Ahead | Strife | Diesel | Interlocked
(We raised the price from $3 to the less-punk $5 as of this show.)

July 26, 1992
Ressurection | Lifetime | Strife | Unbroken
(Fucked up and spelled Ressurection's name incorrectly on this one.)

August 15, 1992
One Step Ahead | Social Justice | Gameface | Ice | Knowledge Threat
(I jacked this image of Mafalda from a book I had as a kid.)

August 23, 1992
Outspoken | Face Value | Pitbull | Unbroken | Interlocked
(If my memory serves me well, Face Value's singer began their set by declaring that the mayhem was about to be brung a year before the Wu brought the ruckus... )

September 13, 1992
Still Life | Diesel | Honeywell | Evergeen | Driftwood | Casperspook
(I dig Doraemon the robot cat so much I recycled this idea later on!)

October 4, 1992
Sparkmarker | Diesel | Honeywell | Interlocked | Bikini Kill

(Bikini Kill ranked it on this one and didn't show up.)

October 11, 1992
Samiam | Sensefield | Still Life | One Step Ahead
(Three different flyers for the same show!)

October 18, 1992
Green Day | Beekeeper | Canopy | Driftwood | Rugburn
(Green Day's drummer broke his foot that weekend and they cancelled. They coincidentally signed to the big leagues that same weekend.)

November 1, 1992
Chorus of Disapproval | Strife | Social Justice | Mean Season | Ice
(It had become de rigeur to feature Calvin on hardcore flyers; Oscar Macondo flipped it and used Calvin's nemesis on this flyer.)

November 18, 1992
Sensefield | Evergreen | Driftwood
(The first flyer I designed using a computer. Im not proud of that fact...)

December 4, 1992
(This was the first in a series of shows we put together at USC. Flyer not by me.)



What was Macondo Espacio Cultural, you ask? Here's a brief introduction from an archived page on Work is a Four-letter Word webzine:

"Macondo Espacio Cultural was a non-profit, volunteer-run, community-based cultural organization dedicated to providing a space for art forms that are often overlooked and ignored [by mainstream institutions and media.]

Over the course of Macondo's existence, it presented a kaleidoscope of events such as performances by musicians from the Latin American new song movement; traditional and experimental musicians from diverse cultures; independent films; hardcore, punk, and rock shows; arts and crafts workshops; readings; photography and painting exhibitions; graffiti exhibitions and workshops; political and social conferences; and open discussions.

In 1992, Macondo expanded its activities to include hardcore music, as it was an independent and positive force in the lives of those involved."

(And yes, we were located in the now-renown neighborhood known as Hel-Mel or the Bike District in East Hollywood slash Los Angeles. I'll post flicks from the walls I've painted there in the post-cool years soon. Go figure...)


Dope flyers. Did Social Justice become Downset?

Posted by GraffHead at Wednesday, January 27, 2010 13:52:47

Thanks GraffHead. Social Justice went on to become Downset more or less, a some line-up changes along the way... It's interesting to note how many graff writers were involved in the hardcore scene.

Posted by eyer at Wednesday, January 27, 2010 14:36:01

I went to quite a few Downset shows back in the day. "Anger" and "Pocket Full of Fatcaps" were my favorite!

Most assume that writers only listen to hip hop. Which is obviously not true.

Posted by GraffHead at Friday, January 29, 2010 09:43:58

oh man this just made me tear up! i think i was at every single one of these shows.

Posted by julie lauren at Wednesday, March 03, 2010 10:21:08

@julie lauren: thanks for checking these out! that's awesome you got to come to these shows. got any flicks? working on building some sort of collection of materials from this era. hit me up via email...

Posted by eyer at Wednesday, March 03, 2010 18:37:22